« The Thieves of Stars or The Secrecy of the Denderah Zodiac » by Alexandre N.Isis

Investigate into the Egyptian Astronomy :

It said in general that astronomy is his birthplace in Mesopotamia, but the conclusion of Diodorus Siculus ( 1st century BCE ), the historian and Greek chronicler, author of the historical library says otherwise :

« There is no country where the positions and movements of celestial bodies are observed with greater accuracy in Egypt. » The Egyptians, taking advantage of favourable conditions, made their own science, they studied the first astronomy. For an incredible number of years, they retain records where these observations are recorded…  »

Diodorus of Sicily book first, chapter LXXXI, documentary source.

This celestial disc already reproduced at its 72 of 88 Constellations referenced by the current Union astronomical, but was also an almanac of different holiday according to the Nilotique calendar, thus there are detailed the characters but also accessories, animals, plants,… According to each month of the Ancient Egypt. In short, Zodiac circular Egyptian is a summary of the Egyptian Culture.

The Expedition Bonaparte in Egypt :

The expedition of Napoleon Bonaparte in Egypt, had entrusted the work of reproduction of the Zodiac to some artists but alas, these illustrations were full of interpretations on the part of the authors and it is « normal », the electricity and photography did not exist in this time.

The artists of the expedition are therefore served lighting based candles or oil and torches burned oil or of bitumen, it is without doubt the natural lighting that has to do appear by the movement of the flame, new forms which were designed on paper but which do not  exist on the Dendera Zodiac.

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